How a Revolutionary Prayer Can Make You a World Changer

Part Two

  by Rick Love Reinold Neibuhr’s serenity prayer is revolutionary! These three short petitions about serenity, courage and wisdom create a prayer that can be a life-changer. Praying this prayer will make you more peaceful and productive. Who doesn’t want that? But this prayer isn’t magical. I am not saying that if you pray this […]

Muslim-Christian Dinner Club: You Can Do It, Too!!!

by Thomas Davis In our metro area, we wanted to create a partnership between a mosque and a church around one simple idea: getting people together who have reason to remain isolated from one another. Thus, we formed the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club. What Is the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club? The […]

Real Friendship with Real People with Whom We Have Real Differences

A recent gathering, in the Davis home, of the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club. We gather monthly for a halal (permissible for Muslims) potluck meal, lots of laughter and friendship-building, and occasional serious talk as well. At present, we are exploring ways we can work together as Muslims and Christians to serve refugees moving […]