Blessed Are The Peacemakers Movie

A Journey to Palestine

What’s the big deal about Israel and Palestine? Why all the controversy? What do Israelis say about it? What do Palestinians say about it? Is peace in the region possible? The Holy Land (or Israel and Palestine) is a land fraught with controversy, conflict, and confusion. But here is a fantastic resource to watch at […]

Offering an Alternative Narrative

Peacemaking is real people in real relationship

  “For all practical purposes, it looks like a classic church potluck dinner at Cole Community Church. Great big pans of food send out scintillating aromas on long tables; a warm buzz of conversation and laughter greets guests as they arrive. This, however, is not your average church dinner. This is a Peace Feast. Half […]

Bearing the Burden of Hate – What Can You Do?

Practical responses to violence against Muslims

  by Rebecca Brown The fear most Muslims experience after a tragedy like the shooting in Orlando is hard to grasp. Just five days after Omar Mateen’s deadly attack, I sat in a room of tired, hungry (it was the end of a day of fasting), passionate Muslim women. We were gathered to plan a […]