How “Sacrificial Listening” Can Help Us to Love Our Muslim Neighbors

by Jennifer S. Bryson What would it mean for Christians to make listening a cornerstone of Christian-Muslim relations? David Vishanoff calls this “Sacrificial Listening.” Vishanoff is a Professor of Religious Studies at Oklahoma University. He grew up in France, where his parents were Christian missionaries, and he attended Gordon College. In an 18-minute talk (00:14:00-00:31:48) […]

Imam Taha Hassane Discusses Immigration, Sharia, and Life as a Muslim

Last week Peace Catalyst President Rick Love sat down with Imam Taha Hassane of the Islamic Center of San Diego. They discussed immigration, living as a Muslim in America, Sharia, and what Christians should know about interacting with Muslims. Listen to the interview here. Rick Love: Tell us a little about yourself. Taha Hassan: My […]

“Are These Peaceful Muslims?”

  “Are these peaceful Muslims?” This is the question one couple asked Peace Catalyst’s Kelly Perry before a recent Peace Feast in San Diego. It may be a question this particular couple asked, but it’s definitely a sentiment that many people have when attending Peace Feasts or other Peace Catalyst events that involve meeting or […]

Beautiful Orthodoxy

Goodness, Truth and Beauty in a World Gone Mad

by Rick Love Mark Galli, Editor and Chief of Christianity Today, has done the world a great favor by writing Beautiful Orthodoxy: The Goodness, Truth, and Beauty of Life in Christ. This book is a breath of fresh air in a polluted, polarized world. Galli writes about the extremes of both ugly orthodoxy (I’ve seen […]