Fuller Journal: Evangelicals and Islamophobia

    “Within a hyper-Islamized-American context, evangelicals have responded to Islam in a myriad of ways. On the one hand, some evangelicals have responded through expressions of fear and condemnation. This is a response which views Islam as terroristic, violent and a threat to ‘Western values.’ Yet another reaction is confusion and paralysis. As a […]

Offering an Alternative Narrative

Peacemaking is real people in real relationship

  “For all practical purposes, it looks like a classic church potluck dinner at Cole Community Church. Great big pans of food send out scintillating aromas on long tables; a warm buzz of conversation and laughter greets guests as they arrive. This, however, is not your average church dinner. This is a Peace Feast. Half […]

10 What-ifs for Peacemakers

by Andrew Larson I just completed a long season of ministry travel–speaking, engaging, bridge-building, and supporting and learning from other peacemakers. My travel took me to the Middle East twice, Canada once, the East Coast 3 times, as well as to several churches in the Puget Sound region. I was in several mosques, the homes […]