Well, We Never Expected This

by Steve and Karen Lied “I hate Muslims.” As a simple conversational opener after church, Bob introduced himself, letting us know where he stood on the Muslim/Christian debate. Bob had heard that we had worked in a Muslim country and that we were offering opportunities to meet Muslims from our city. “They seem to be […]

What is Love Anyway?

by Rebecca Brown After berating a nearby man for smoking, the street preacher outside of Masjid Omar Ibn al-Kuttab returned to his anti-Islamic commentary: “Muslims go to hell… You don’t know the words of Jesus. John 14:9!” He shouted with his arms in the air, “Jesus said, ‘If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father!’ Jesus is God! […]

The Power of a Peaceful Presence

by Rebecca Brown Note: this post contains some language not appropriate for younger readers.  The situation could have been volatile to say the least, yet with fortitude the Muslims on Riverview Drive and all those outside of Masjid Omar Ibn al-Kuttab practiced great restraint in the face of incredible offense. Bullhorn in hand, the founder of […]

American Evangelicals are Loving their Muslim Neighbors

by Rick Love Fifty Evangelical leaders gathered at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 24-26 to discuss the state of Christian-Muslim relations in America. Seminary presidents and peacemakers, theologians and refugee workers, missiologists and pastors brought their combined wisdom and experience together to discern together what God is doing. I have convened and attended […]