Hate and Love: Two Responses to Refugee Resettlement

by Nick Armstrong On an early mid-August morning, my wife and I began our day-long journey to Sandpoint, Idaho to conduct a training for people who were interested in learning more about the current refugee crisis and the “refugee highway” (the journey of those who have been forced from their homes and communities due to […]

Mending the Divides

Creative Love in a Conflicted World

by Rick Love Jon Huckin and Jer Swigart wrote, Mending the Divides: Creative Love in a Conflicted World to help followers of Jesus become “everyday peacemakers.” I think they have succeeded in their peace mission. Mending the Divides is now one of my top ten books on peacemaking. Huckins and Swigart wisely point out that […]

Religious Freedom And What You Can Do To Protect It

In the words of John Piper, “Christians are tolerant of other faiths not because there is no absolute truth or because all faiths are equally valuable, but because the one who is Absolute Truth, Jesus Christ, forbids the spread of his truth by the sword. Christian tolerance is the commitment that keeps lovers of competing faiths […]