Popcorn Guide: Jeremy Courtney

Jeremy Courtney: Preemptive Love in Iraq

Jeremy Courtney, executive director and cofounder of Preemptive Love Coalition, speaks about living as an American in Iraq and pursuing a lifestyle of preemptive love. He says, “violence unmakes the world,” but “preemptive love unmakes violence. Preemptive Love remakes the world through healing.” This philosophy of preemptive love has led Jeremy and the staff of Preemptive Love to work in partnership with Iraqis to eradicate the backlog of children who need heart surgery in Iraq. This video is filled with inspiring stories of peace, healing, and hope coming out of Iraq.




  • Can you think of a moment when you have used the method of a preemptive strike because you did not trust someone?
  • How do you think preemptive love could be used in your own life to unmake conflict and violence?
  • Take 30 seconds to imagine a world where everyone chose the path of “preemptive strike.” Now take 30 seconds to imagine a world where everyone chose the path of “preemptive love.”
  • Is the idea of “preemptive love” or “preemptive strike” more consistent with the teaching and example of Jesus? Why?

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