William Carey Library interviews Rick about his book, Peacemaking: Resolving Conflict, 
Restoring and Building Harmony in Relationships

Love’s detailed Scriptural study of peacemaking describes Jesus’ keys to conflict resolution and harmonious relationships.  It equips church planters and church leaders to understand and embrace Jesus’ way of developing God-honoring, satisfying relationships.  Here is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to make a difference in a world of conflict, broken relationships, and pain.

Q: Why did you write Peacemaking?

A: This book grew out of my personal and painful pilgrimage as a peacemaker during the past 30 years. I have had the privilege of studying under some of the best theologians and missiologists in America. Yet no one prepared me for peacemaking. This was something I had to learn the hard way—on the job. It has been one of the most difficult lessons I have learned in my roles as family man, pastor, team leader, church planter and CEO.

Q: What is unique about your book on peacemaking?

A: I have written this book as an inductive Bible study guide for use by individuals or small groups. I realize that this is not a popular format, but I believe it is the best format to equip peacemakers. Peacemaking demands biblical convictions about Jesus’ way of making peace. And Jesus’ way of making peace often goes against the grain of our relational patterns. My experience has been that inductive Bible study is one of the best ways of developing biblical convictions and learning new relational habits.

Q: Why is peacemaking important for cross-cultural workers?

A: Fulfilling the great commission is a relational task – demanding skilled peacemakers. I like to summarize it like this: The family is a community. The church is a community. There is no community without peacemaking. Therefore, peacemaking is central to family, church planting and church life.

Q: Any other reflections about peacemaking?

A: We live in an age when many assume the world is locked into inevitable clashes of civilizations, such as between the West and the Muslim world. Destructive racial divides remain unabated. I believe that Jesus founded a peace movement and that the church is called to be a peace institute. When we make peace we walk in his blessing. Peacemaking is possible! I hope to write another book about peacemaking in the near future, especially as it relates to Muslim-Christian relationships. Stay tuned!

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