What You Can Do About ISIS: the Army of Terror and Error

Part 3

by Rick Love In part one of this series I mentioned six historical reasons for the rise of ISIS. In part two I outlined six reasons for the expansion of ISIS. Today we’ll look at three things you can do about ISIS.   1. Distinguish between ISIS and mainstream Islam ISIS, the cult of death and darkness, […]

Guidelines for Jesus-Centered Peacemakers in Tumultuous Times

We in Peace Catalyst International seek to be faithful peacemakers in a divided country. The following 11 guidelines describe our commitments and aspirations. May they guide, strengthen and encourage you as well in these tumultuous times. Jesus was the embodiment of peace and peacemaking. Jesus was also a peace disturber at times. When he cleansed […]

Peace Catalyst’s Statement on Trump’s Executive Order

  We agree with President Trump’s stated motivation for his recent Executive Order, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” National security has to be one of the main priorities of the President. We in Peace Catalyst International (PCI) stand with his desire to keep terrorists out. We pray that he […]

What You Need to Know about ISIS – the Army of Terror

6 Historical Factors that Gave Birth to ISIS

by Rick Love On June 29, 2014 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself ruler of a Caliphate, or a Muslim state, spanning Syria and Iraq known as ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria). At one time ISIS controlled a swath of territory in Iraq and Syria comparable in size to the United Kingdom and […]