Christians and Muslims for Safe, Just, and Vibrant Cities

by Rick Love A former Alt-Right hate group leader, a former Al Qaeda recruiter, and a peacemaker walk into a room and all heaven breaks loose! On April 9-11, Peace Catalyst International convened a “Seek the Peace of the City” consultation at Duke University. Our goal was to catalyze and equip a national network of […]

How White Christians Can Make Peace with Black Muslims

by Rick Love When I heard about the First Annual Black American Muslim Conference, I knew I had to attend.  As a white evangelical Christian, I wanted to hear this group’s stories and stand in solidarity with them against the blatant racism and anti-Muslim sentiment that buffets their lives. Since Peace Catalyst focuses on Christian-Muslim peacemaking, […]

How to Undermine Extremism, Reduce Persecution and Make Peace

What will it take to undermine violent extremism, reduce religious persecution, and make peace? To work toward those very goals, four hundred Christian, Muslim, and Jewish leaders from around the world gathered in Washington, DC on February 5-7. I was blessed to be part of this historic gathering, called “The Alliance of Virtue for the […]