The Power of Prayer in Making Peace

How to Pray Down Peace Part 2

by Rick Love What pops into your mind when you hear the word “Peacemaker”? Someone who builds bridges between people in conflict? Someone who helps people talk through problems? Someone who is blessed by Jesus? Or perhaps you think of Jesus, the ultimate and greatest peacemaker? I bet you didn’t say, “Someone who prays!” Most […]

How to Pray Down Peace

by Rick Love It’s hard to be good news people in a bad news world! Another school shooting. A suicide bomber. Partisan politics on steroids. The daily news can be a real peace-robber. So we need to learn how to pray down the peace. Prayer constitutes the hidden, behind-the-scenes work of peacemaking. It’s like a […]

Loving Our Muslim Neighbors in Reseda, California

by Kevin Grable Muslims eating Halal food in the church fellowship hall. People making friends across cultural and religious lines. Christians and Muslims openly discussing our common ground and differences about Jesus. This is a snapshot of our most recent Love Your Neighbor Dinner at the Valley Vineyard in Reseda, California. Roughly 60 people, Christian and Muslim, […]

Christians and Muslims for Safe, Just, and Vibrant Cities

by Rick Love A former Alt-Right hate group leader, a former Al Qaeda recruiter, and a peacemaker walk into a room and all heaven breaks loose! On April 9-11, Peace Catalyst International convened a “Seek the Peace of the City” consultation at Duke University. Our goal was to catalyze and equip a national network of […]