3D: The End of Dual Identities

Many Christians, especially missionaries, around the globe have lived under the stress of having dual identities or being “undercover” for Jesus. In this video, Rick Love tells his personal story, what he’s learned about this, and why we at Peace Catalyst place such high value on having one message that makes sense to everyone who […]

Do You Have a Bible-Sized View of Peace? The Peace Gap in Evangelical Churches

by Rick Love I recently attended a conference at the Naval War College in Rhode Island on “Religion and Security in World Affairs” (May 7-8, 2014). I loved the lectures and the lively interaction. Yet something deeper was being stirred in me. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was until I recalled Martin Luther King Jr.’s […]

I Was Never Taught to Build Bridges!

by Rick Love As I write this, I’m on a plane from William Jessup University in California, where I just finished teaching an online course on Christian-Muslim-Jewish relations there. I loved the enthusiasm of the students and had a great time teaching the course. More than once students said something like this: “I was never […]

Can You Be a Follower of Jesus and NOT Be a Peacemaker?

by Rick Love I was invited to put on a peacemaking seminar and speak at a large evangelical church. A few months after I confirmed, they also asked me if I would be willing to speak to elementary school children at their Christian school. I don’t usually speak to children and wasn’t too excited about […]

Bob Roberts Jr., Glocalization & the Global Faith Forum

by Rick Love My mind was spinning with excitement as I read Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World by Bob Roberts Jr. Bob clearly understood the unique challenges of living out one’s faith in a post-9/11, interconnected, pluralistic world. I had found a soulmate – someone serious about following Jesus and someone […]