Redefining WE

by Courtney Christenson After months of planning, networking, organizing, asking for favors, networking some more, prepping, applying for funding, nagging, photographing and framing…My photo exhibit finally happened!   For the last 7 months I have been working on a nationwide photography project called “Redefining WE.” I collaborated with [primarily] female photographers around the United States […]

Bearing the Burden of Hate – What Can You Do?

Practical responses to violence against Muslims

  by Rebecca Brown The fear most Muslims experience after a tragedy like the shooting in Orlando is hard to grasp. Just five days after Omar Mateen’s deadly attack, I sat in a room of tired, hungry (it was the end of a day of fasting), passionate Muslim women. We were gathered to plan a […]

Muslim-Christian Dinner Club: You Can Do It, Too!!!

by Thomas Davis In our metro area, we wanted to create a partnership between a mosque and a church around one simple idea: getting people together who have reason to remain isolated from one another. Thus, we formed the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club. What Is the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club? The […]

Real Friendship with Real People with Whom We Have Real Differences

A recent gathering, in the Davis home, of the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club. We gather monthly for a halal (permissible for Muslims) potluck meal, lots of laughter and friendship-building, and occasional serious talk as well. At present, we are exploring ways we can work together as Muslims and Christians to serve refugees moving […]

Through Windows and Around Tables

Inside the Embassy of Finland, in Washington, DC, where a collection of religious leaders, and others, gathered to discuss the Marrakesh Declaration.   by Nathan Elmore In April, I had the pleasure of visiting the Embassy of Finland, a modernist, Euro-chic building sitting quietly along Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, DC. As an […]