Featured Peacemaker: Jeremy Courtney

Jeremy_600He’s had death threats and fatwas issued against him, his staff arrested on false charges, and his house broken into and bugged by friends who turned out to be spies. But that’s not stopping him.

Jeremy Courtney was in a hotel lobby in Iraq in 2007 when an Iraqi man walked up to him and asked if Jeremy, as an American, could do something to help this man’s cousin, whose little girl was born with a life-threatening heart defect. Having had no medical training and with no idea what to do, Jeremy dove in to help anyway. And so began the journey that has shaped Jeremy’s life and saved many more in the years since.

Jeremy started the organization he calls Preemptive Love in an effort to heal broken hearts in Iraq, both physically and spiritually. Providing lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children and training local doctors and nurses, Preemptive Love is not only mending physical hearts and saving lives but creating peace between communities and re-shaping the way people view their “enemies.”

A motto around Preemptive Love is that “violence unmakes the world, but preemptive love unmakes violence and remakes the world.” It has not been easy, but Jeremy and his partners have gone to extraordinary lengths to unmake violence and are seeing the world remade in the midst of war, violence, and conflict. Explore these links and get to know more about Jeremy and his work.


More about Jeremy and his work

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Jeremy’s book, Preemptive Love
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