Practicing Peace Lenten Reflections

Lent is often understood as a time of giving up a comfort for the sake of spiritual renewal; the cost of our sacrifice reminds us of the price Jesus paid to show us the extent of God’s love. But Lent can also be a time of adding spiritual disciplines. When we choose to practice a new discipline, this also costs us; it costs our time, our habits. These are not empty disciplines, empty sacrifices. These disciplines ultimately lead us to knowing Jesus and following Him closer. In this lenten season, we invite you to learn Jesus’ heart for peacemaking and how we can allow Him to “guide our feet into the way of peace (Luke 1:79).”

Will you join us in peacemaking this lenten season?
Will you join us in exploring the cost of peacemaking?

Peacemaking is not a vague, nebulous concept. It is real, true, and life-changing. God wants us to know it, to set our hope on it, and to get excited about it. We will warn you, however: it is not easy. It takes love, compassion, and—most importantly—humility. The beauty of walking with Jesus in the way of peace is that He will provide all these things for you.

Each week for the next 6 weeks we will publish a lenten devotional to give you practical ways to practice peacemaking. Next week: we’ll look inward with the practical foundation of peacemaking.


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