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The Grace and Truth Project was birthed during a gathering of about 50 international evangelical Christian leaders who were concerned about the increasing alienation between Christians and Muslims. To counter this trend, we composed a statement on how followers of Jesus should relate to Muslims. Grace and Truth: Toward Christ-like Relationships with Muslims includes both a detailed exposition and an abridged affirmation.

Though Rick Love is the lead author, Grace and Truth is a consensus document with substantial input from more than seventy leaders from around the world. As such, it uses language and emphasizes themes that bridge the spectrum of evangelical thinking. For some, it may feel too conservative (with too much emphasis on “truth”). For others, it may feel too affirming (with too much emphasis on “grace”). The most important thing for us is to encourage evangelicals to address these issues biblically.

As an example of this, we have included the Peace Catalyst International version of the Grace and Truth Affirmation. We reworked the document to better fit our ethos as an organization and thus have omitted one point and added two others points dealing with the role of government and terrorism. We also have included a study guide in the back to help guide you in your understanding of these important issues.

In contrast to the fear-mongering and the Islamophobia perpetrated by the media, this book describes a better way. It describes the way of Jesus. Read this book and find out what it means to follow the One who is full of grace and truth.
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How to Get Involved

Host a Seminar

We’ve created a seminar based on the Grace and Truth Documents. Contact Peace Catalyst if you are interested in bringing this training to your church.

Request a consultation or speaker

Would you like a speaker to address your congregation about Grace and Truth or help your church assess your interaction with the Muslim community? Contact Peace Catalyst to request more information.

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