What Others Say

What Dr. Rick Love brings to the table is difficult to find these days – godly wisdom mixed with practical insight – into the most relationally treacherous of all worlds: Muslim-Christian relations. Some will want to tap his experience of living amongst Muslims to see how they can better live as Christian witnesses while others will simply want to understand how to engage the global issues and help both sides live in peace. Either way, Rick is the leading voice on these vitally important issues.

Carl Medearis

President of International Initiatives; expert in Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations; author of ‘Muslims, Christians and Jesus; Speaking of Jesus;’ co-author of ‘Tea with Hezbollah’



Perhaps the most pressing question facing our world in the 21st century is this: how can we all get along? Specifically, how can people who are part of the world’s two largest faith communities, namely Christian and Muslim, get along? Dr. Rick Love understands as well as anyone I know that breaking down dividing walls is not peripheral to the Christian gospel, but is at the heart of our faith. Dr. Love is uniquely positioned to carry on the work of bridge-building and peace-making since he lived in a Muslim community for years, did his doctoral work on issues relating to Christian-Muslim relations, enjoys enormous respect in the Christian world, and has been a practitioner of peace-making efforts for decades. Dr. Love’s work is not part of a liberal political agenda. Instead, he exemplifies the truth that helping individuals and communities to get along is part and parcel of the Christian message.

Rich Nathan

Senior Pastor of Vineyard Columbus, co-author of ‘Empowered Evangelicals,’ author of ‘Who is My Enemy?’ and ‘Both-And: Living the Christian Life in an Either-Or World’ (IVP, Summer 2013)



In these tumultuous times Dr. Rick Love is a persistent ambassador for Christ and his peace. He is deeply rooted in the global evangelical movement. He is also vigorously conversant within the worldwide Muslim community. He winsomely commends the Prince of Peace within both the evangelical world and the world of Islam. Rick is a writer, teacher, and preacher whose message of reconciliation in Christ is urgently needed both among Muslims and disciples of Jesus who yearn to meet and greet Muslims in the spirit of Christ.

David W. Shenk

Global consultant on Christian-Muslim relations; Author of ‘A Muslim and  A Christian in Dialogue’ (written with Badru Kateregga), ‘Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church: Exploring the Mission of Two Communities,’ and ‘Teatime in Mogadishu



We were blessed to have Rick Love come and help us in conflict resolution. Rick was compassionate toward, insightful about, and understanding of the difficulties in missions abroad and interpersonal conflicts that arise within an organization. His experience and passion for guiding us were combined in his role as mediator, peacemaker, and organizational consultant. He easily changed roles when needed as we moved in and out of various processes, all heavily rooted in God’s Word and prayer. His wisdom and knowledge brought a sense of balance and calm to an emotionally charged situation, and his encouragement of us as we walked through the process of peacemaking strengthened our leadership abilities. We highly recommend Rick for those earnestly seeking peace and healthy leadership in their organization and ministry.

Senior Leadership Team, Xingu Mission, Brazil



Rick Love is a challenging and effective communicator with a much-needed message. Peace Catalyst reminds us that we as Christ-followers must be the ones who take the initiative to build effective bridges of communication with our Muslim neighbors and other groups where there exists a racial, ethnic or religious divide. His message on communicating in a glocalized world is especially relevant and powerful. As followers of Jesus serving in many different cultures we must assume responsibility for communication that is understandable and does not needlessly offend or ignore those who do not share our biblical convictions. Many of our staff members came away with a deeper commitment to reach out to those of different faiths and cultures with integrity, clarity and compassion. Rick is performing a great service to the body of Christ by modeling and explaining these principles.

Dale Losch

Author of ‘A Better Way: Make Disciples Wherever Life Happens,’ President of Crossworld



It has been my privilege to observe the commitment, passion and effectiveness of Dr. Rick Love in his service of building bridges between the Christian and Muslim faiths. Rick has carried out this ministry of reconciliation by serving for many years in situations which required him to develop a deep understanding of the Muslim faith and by developing relationships of trust in Muslim community. He is also respected by the Evangelical community for the work he has done in this field. I know of no one that I could more strongly recommend for this very urgent ministry both for the church and the world.

Berten A. Waggoner

National Director of Vineyard USA 2000-2012



It’s not often that you find a Christian in America going out of their way to build bridges with Muslims – but that is exactly what Dr. Rick Love does. Having lived in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, and now back in the U.S., he is uniquely positioned to speak to the issues of Christian-Muslim relations. I listen to what he has to say, read what he writes, and have invited him to speak for me at major conferences. He’s an incredibly valuable resource to Christians, churches, and Muslims.

Bob Roberts

Sr. Pastor of Northwood Church, Author of ‘Bold as Love,’ www.glocal.net



Rick Love has been remarkably effective in getting evangelical young adult leaders together (and a few not-young whom he added to the mix for seasoning) for a national conference on peacemaking for evangelicals. He has excellent relational skills, and skills in drawing forth leadership from others. His conference at Georgetown University September 14, 2012 was outstanding.

Glen Stassen, Ph.D.

Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics,  Fuller Theological Seminary, Co-author of ‘Kingdom Ethics,’ and editor of ‘Just Peacemaking’



Rick Love is an earnest, gracious, convictional evangelical whose journey has given him immense experience in the Muslim world and a heart for courageous Christian peacemaking. He is on the cutting edge of evangelical thinking and practice related to Muslim-Christian relations and Christian peacemaking. I admire him deeply and commend him to any church or organization serious about reflecting in a Christ-like way on these issues.

Dr. David P. Gushee

Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics; Director of Center for Theology and Public Life, Mercer University



In September 2012, on the weekend following the attack on the Benghazi Consulate and the release of a much-publicized anti-Islam video, a church and a mosque in San Diego spent Sunday afternoon playing soccer, feasting, and praying for peace together. Three years ago, I couldn’t have imagined Coast Vineyard being that church. Dr. Rick Love has been a change catalyst for us, helping us see that loving our neighbors meant building relationships with the Muslims next door. Rick’s teaching, stories, and practical tools have facilitated a whole network of Christian-Muslim friendships in our community. Before peace can be built, cultures need to change. Rick has the experience and gifting to lead that kind of transformation.

Jamie Wilson

Pastor of Coast Vineyard, San Diego



Rick Love is an extraordinary asset to the Evangelical community in its dialogue with Muslims. First, he brings a personality and style that reflects the love of Christ as well as a love for Muslims that is obvious for all to see. Second, a knowledge of Islam and its accompanying social, political and cultural milieu contributes enormously to his goal of building bridges across civilization lines. For example, bringing these skills to the table in a 2011 dialogue with Moroccan Muslims continues to pay dividends in terms of relationships built and official policies examined. Lastly, his communication skills complement each of the aforementioned leadership qualities. I strongly recommend him as a speaker, leader, and facilitator to churches and organizations. It’s hard to find anyone in the country quite like him.

Richard Cizik

President of The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good



We deeply value the important work of Dr. Rick Love. Based upon clear Biblical principles Rick and his team are engaging in some of the most significant Kingdom work being done today – peace building and reconciliation. The World Evangelical Alliance is very grateful to have Rick on our team of experts.

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe

CEO/Secretary General of World Evangelical Alliance



When I first heard Dr. Rick Love speak on the topic of Biblical peacemaking I felt the excitement and thrill of uncovering hidden treasure. ‘This is a key aspect of the ministry of Jesus on the earth that believers have skimmed over, possibly for centuries!’ I knew immediately that Rick’s teaching was something I wanted to see multiplied and implemented in the nations, and it was such a blessing to have him lecture on this subject at the University of the Nations. Not only did the students eagerly engage with the fascinating and well-laid-out content of Rick’s lesson plan, but we were all challenged by his passionate example to live as a true child of God, a peacemaker (Matthew 5:9). Christ’s message of reconciliation and peace must go hand-in-hand with world evangelism if we are truly to embrace Christ’s calling and live as ‘Great Commission’ Christians.

Andrew Greenplate

Biblical Studies Course Director, University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii



Rick took his decades of experience working across religions and cultures, his significant scholarship of peacemaking, and his humble heart and led the leaders of Colorado’s Burma refugee community through a process of mediation, transforming conflict into relationship. The leaders felt his genuine care for their communities and trusted his leadership to help them address their communities own needs. Through this year-long journey, Rick left an indelible mark on Colorado’s Burma refugee community that will be felt for years to come.

Derek N. White, Esq.

Director of Programs, Colorado African Organization



Rick both inspired us toward the desire to reflect the peace practices of Jesus in our own lives and gave simple, practical steps for conflict resolution that were immediately applicable to the lives of our members. In the days following the seminar on peacemaking, I had people on our leadership team reporting to me how they had immediately gone out and put these practical tools to use in mending broken relationships.

Michelle Wilson

Pastor, Coast Vineyard



Utilizing decades of cross-cultural and peacemaking experience, Rick Love facilitates conferences and workshops that bring peace to conflict situations. Rick was instrumental in equipping the leaders of the Denver area Burma refugee community with the necessary skills to further bring about cohesion. Rick has been instrumental in equipping the Burma refugee leaders with the necessary skills to bring peace when conflicts arise. He has been able to guide these leaders into understanding the concepts of peacemaking and mediation within the multi-religious community from Burma.

Frank Anello

Executive Director, Project Worthmore