How To Live Out Solidarity

by Bryan Carey In the aftermath of recent shootings, many Christians are expressing the desire to show solidarity with Muslim communities around them. Solidarity is defined as “unity or agreement of feeling or action,” but what does that really mean, and how is it actually done? Physically Show up! Physically, solidarity requires that I as […]

New Zealand Mosque Shooting: What You Can Do

(photo: Rachel Joy Barehl)   Friday’s terrorist attack in New Zealand is an unspeakable tragedy, and we mourn with the global Muslim community. This heinous act of violence affects not only the victims in the Christchurch mosques but many Muslims around the world whose sense of safety is jeopardized, particularly in countries where white supremacy […]

Bosnia Mosque Visit: Are Love and Forgiveness Common in Islam?

by Bryan Carey The Refugee Highway Partnership conference was held in Sarajevo this month. I was asked to lead two break-out activities in which Protestant Christian conference participants from around the world could visit a mosque to learn from local Muslims about Islam, the refugee crisis, and the opportunities and challenges that occur when Christians and Muslims […]

This is What Local Peacemaking Looks Like

It’s a diverse community with the potential for dangerous divisions. But it’s this very diversity that is bringing people of different faiths and all walks of life together. A major refugee resettlement city, Boise is home to new Americans from around the world, a majority of them Muslims, and Peace Catalyst peacemakers Nick and Laura […]