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Thinking about peace and doing peace are miles apart. Rick helped our group think through and dive into the mind, heart, and life of a peacemaker. His time with us was an invaluable step on our journey toward peace.

Jason Clarke

President, Seeking Peace


If you are like most of my readers, you want to experience good relationships. You are concerned about peace, from personal peace to peace with God and others.

But you find yourself stuck in difficult relationships. And you know others who are. You want to grow as a peacemaker and need to upgrade your skills.

You’ve come to the right place! I have been a conflict resolution practitioner for almost two decades. But it didn’t come easily.

Everywhere I turned, people held grudges, harbored hurt feelings, and experienced broken relationships. Once I began making peacemaking a major priority a good friend said, “It must be great to be known as a peacemaker.”

“Well,” I responded, “peacemaking is no fun. It’s really hard. But I do it because Jesus did it and taught it.  Peacemaking is love in action.”

So let me help you become an everyday peacemaker!

I help individuals, teams, and organizations develop conflict resolution practices that lead to healthy relationships and sound businesses. On my website you will find relevant, valuable content that will help you develop peacemaking practices in all spheres of life.


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